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verb. when you get married and you have substantially more money than your partner so you get a prenuptial agreement, only for your partner to gain money as you lose yours and when the divorce is finalized it is actually you that have screwed yourself out of a good chunk of money.
-did you hear about Tyler?
-yea i know he's getting a divorce that sucks
-yea but even worse he totally Nick Lacheyed himself, but who would have know his business would go under?
by HELLYA2245 January 26, 2010
Red Bull it gives you wings

usually referred to as a can of wings
ex 1:

hey man will you toss me a can of wings?
ex 2:
yea can i get a vodka and wings?
by HELLYA2245 March 12, 2010
a mix of Monster Energy drink and Whiskey

its called a tractor pull because its green like a john deere and makes you happy and stay up all night, similar to a tractor pull which lasts long into the night
-Hey Jesse you wanna Tractor Pull?
-Hell yea im starting to get tired i need to stay up for a while
by HELLYA2245 October 10, 2009
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