An interjection that can be used to describe virtually any emotion. Though once limited to only things thought to be "nice", has since been heard used to describe almost any emotion.
"How's the report coming?"
"Not too well, I'm not even halfway done."
by Chris Frazier November 16, 2003
Can be used in a moment of a compliment or just thinking out loud
Joe: Paula, look, I just can't take it anymore, I have to say it.....You.....You have nice tits.
Paula: It's ok, really, would you like for me to reveal them to you?
Joe: Be my guest....make 'em spill.
Joe: ~~~FEELS ON PAULA'S TITS~~ niiiice.
by Leu February 23, 2007
Used in counter-adjective of hot.
"Is she hot?"
"Uhhh...She's really nice."
by yves March 24, 2005
What a girl uses to either deny, let down, or reject a guy without telling him that he simply can't bench enough to please her. Usually said by a girl that is shallow, but doesn't want to admit it. Nice is used to emotionally screw a guy. In a sense, a girl emotionally laying pwnage on a guy.
Can be replaced with sweet, kind, smart, or anything not involving rippling muscles and a -2.0 GPA.

Also used when someone does something really stupid or so extreme it is beyond normal comment.
"Dude I just totally killed our dog."

"Dude I just totally got laid with the Olsen twins"

"Dude I just got my MP3 player stuck in my ass."

"Sally, I really like you. Maybe we can go out sometime?"
"Your a nice guy and all... its just (insert bullshit here)."
"Well, maybe when (the bullshit) is over?"
"Sure. I'll call you then. Don't call me. Ever."
by euphopiab June 22, 2006
A word used to describe something, or a time that is, just perfect.
"This is nice."
"Like...just perfect nice?"
"Yeah... just perfect nice."
by seltzer_cola September 30, 2007
An adjective used to describe an person or an object in a good way
Yo that bitch is nice. Damn son yo ride is nice.
by self March 08, 2003
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