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What a girl uses to either deny, let down, or reject a guy without telling him that he simply can't bench enough to please her. Usually said by a girl that is shallow, but doesn't want to admit it. Nice is used to emotionally screw a guy. In a sense, a girl emotionally laying pwnage on a guy.
Can be replaced with sweet, kind, smart, or anything not involving rippling muscles and a -2.0 GPA.

Also used when someone does something really stupid or so extreme it is beyond normal comment.
"Dude I just totally killed our dog."

"Dude I just totally got laid with the Olsen twins"

"Dude I just got my MP3 player stuck in my ass."

"Sally, I really like you. Maybe we can go out sometime?"
"Your a nice guy and all... its just (insert bullshit here)."
"Well, maybe when (the bullshit) is over?"
"Sure. I'll call you then. Don't call me. Ever."
by euphopiab June 22, 2006
Ageia is a company which designed the first Physics dedicated cards. The cards contain a processor which has a sole obligation to process the physics and interation of up to thousands of object, and billions of interactions. Some accomplished effects with this are things like real-time water simulation, meanning the computer does it all at the moment, and it allows for the simulation of very large explosions and structural response. Also being done is cloth and hair simulation. Some examples of this are in the game Cell Factor, and the Unreal Engine 3 technology demos.
"Holy SHIT that looks cool."
"Dude I just blew up that friggin building! Thanks, Ageia!"
"HAHA I just pwnt j00! I shower in ur real-time-simulated blood!"
by euphopiab June 22, 2006
People who look at the world and act happy and loving of all things, and ignore the fact that half of the world wouldn't mind blowing their heads off. Another group (similar to Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Nazis, Communits, and talk show hosts) who insessantly believe that their ways, thoughs, and understanding of the world sufficiently dominate the thoughts and ideas of others, and therefore express their beliefs in very clear ways. Example: protests, colors, and Jefferson Airplane.
President: War is the only answer!
Hippie: Peace is the only answer!
President: But war will solve all our problems.
Hippie: But war is our only problem.
President: But peace can't stop everyone's problems.
by euphopiab June 22, 2006

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