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a shorter way to type in "no harm done", similar as dw "dont worry"
Oh! that's alright, 'NHD'.
by jeymikz February 05, 2009
Not. Happening. Dude.
When Paul Begala responded to the rumor that he was joining the Clinton campaign, he said, "N.H.D."
by Una Malachica January 12, 2008
No Homo Doe
Hey man you are really cute. nhd.
Oh thanks man, you too! nhd.
Butt Sex?

Oh of course! nhd right?
by DixieNormous1 April 28, 2011
National History Day. is their website. there are 5 categories. Paper, Documentary, Presentation, Exhibit, and Website.
NHD is a rockin competition in the USA where we do stuff.
by rawr i move your pancreas January 01, 2010
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