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1) a three letter acronym for "EAT A DICK"

2) A shortcut to tell someone to go eat a dick

EAD dale!~
by D0uGY January 06, 2003
acronym for 'eat a dick.'
especially useful when emailing on corporate accounts that scan for inappropriate language.
also time-saving.
Hannah: Erika, you suck at Scrabble.
Erika: Hannah you need to E A D.
by Hannah111 March 24, 2008
When a person is enjoying their recent winning form on the video game Fifa and the embarrassingly shit owners of Fifa, EA sports, come into your game and fuck you over.
I am on a 3 win streak in Pro Club in division 1. EA decide they've had enough of my winning ways and match me up with the same club 3 times in a row and shit all over me, thus forcing me to shout 'Fucking EA'd again, what is the point.'
by MadRoosterr January 22, 2014
E. A. D. is an Acronym for "eat a dick."
I was in traffic and the car next to me was honking, trying to get infromt of me, so I told him to "E. A. D."
by Rob R. December 02, 2006
EADS, or European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the second largest defense company in the world with revenues of over 30 billion euros. It owns, among other companies, Airbus, which is the make of the gigantic A380. It also created the Eurofighter and is competing for the U.S. Tanker bid worth about 100 billion dollars. It is the true European company.
Jack: Yo, I saw EADS is working on a stealth combat drone that can do Air to Air fights.
Daniel: Wow, Boeing is gonna shit their pants.
by Smartaz January 30, 2006
Military slang for Eat a Dick. Generally means that you've just been given a shitty task that noone wants to do.
EAD chump, better you than me!
by Yuppivore March 29, 2011
Eat A dick.
Todd: I thought you were going to the game
Chris: I was but what had happen was
Todd: <Interrupting Chris> Man E.A.D.
by Big Daddy April 09, 2003
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