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newfies= a newfoundland slang term for a newfoundlander(s) who are people from the province of Newfoundland, on the east coast of Canada.
newfies are the kindest people in the world
by newfoundlander kyle December 16, 2009
A group of newfoundlanders together, usually at a bar or some other establishment that serves alcohol.
Those newfies sure are having a good time!
by Pubman75 June 21, 2008
The kindest, frendliest, most stereotyped people in Canada. You never really hear "dumb mainlander" do you....
guy 1: ugh, newfies are so stupid, with their fish and partying.
guy 2: what !? newfoundlanders are so nice ! and whats wrong with partying?
guy 1: i guess so....
by brittany-anissa September 15, 2008
See also hick

newfy(noun): any person who lives in, or whose family originated in, Newfoundland. They are distinguished by their characteristicly strong, accented, mostly incomprehensible, speech.
- "What the hell was that guy talking about?"
- "I don't know man... crazy newfy."
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
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