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adjective. To be either...
1) Ugly
2) Fucked up (Drunk, high, etc.)
"Yo what'd you just get outta bed? You look furred as shit."
"Yos old ass shoes look hella furred."

Guy: "I was at this bomb party last night, and I smoked 11 blunts and drank a whole fifth of vodka to myself. I was super furred! I even woke up completely naked next to a dude! I was on some new shit!"
Friend: "FYL"
by Shotta April 30, 2009
a dmv ( d.c,maryland, and virginia) term for being high.
dam nigga you always furred.
" what are you doin tonite?" " uh... idk probally go to a party and get furred"
by ambitiouslil1 February 07, 2010
The state of being below standard.
His shoes are furred.
Your girlfriend is furred.
by cheezmasta May 24, 2007
to be:

1. ugly
2. dead (as in shoes)

furred can also be linked with furred body, meaning an ugly, dusty looking person.
a) Eww, yur boy/girl friend is furred.
b) Look at those dead a$$ shoes, they are furred.
by piiglett. February 16, 2009
a word that can be used to describe any kind of action or thing.
can be substituted for words such as laid, bordom anything.
We are getting furred at the holiday inn.
Did you get furred last night?
by Jeremiah Jeff July 12, 2005
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