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beautiful, sexy lady with lovely teeth and a gorgeous smile
My lady is Netty!
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
The most amazing friend in the world!
Beautiful fun sexy with big brown eyes.
Always loyal friendly and help full.
Loves Garfy and Gemma and huge willy's.
Loves Baileys and wine and all things fine!
She is very tall and slender with a gorgeous smile!
netty is drunk! netty is cool! netty loves cats! netty is reem!
by wonderfullgarfynetty May 15, 2011
North East England word for toilet
"why aye man I'm bursting forra shit I'm ganning to the netty
by Paulo July 02, 2004
A person who can play the clarinet with great speed. A group of these clarinetists are called Netties. (Clari-net=netty)
Wow! That Netty really knows how to play fast.
by ironlotus December 17, 2014
a loud, annoying, and slutty, bitch with fucked up teeth.
Netty the dumbest whore I know.
by tupac February 16, 2003

When someone in a game lowers their netspeed to make themselves harder to hit.
Our old friend Netty lowered his netspeed again.
by shigmy September 02, 2004

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