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A Beach Whale that goes to my school in oxnard california, that sucks black penis.
Leo herrera is a moron that loves penis
by Tupac February 08, 2005
The fashiff way of saying or doing something.
First guy: Holy s%&t melvin.
Melvin: What?
First guy: Why are you walking in that fashiff way.
Melvin: What do you mean.
First guy: You aren't black, or asian ,or mexican you're too white to do that.
Melvin: I know bitch.
by Tupac April 08, 2005
a dyke that hates guys and kills them and thats in a motorcycle gang
i'm a diesel dike and i'm going to canobie lake
by Tupac August 08, 2004
A gangster who gets stoned with Big d Markizzle, Mattizzle, and Baraby
Look at that Altovizzle he is higher then the clouds
by Tupac August 04, 2004
A team of Ultimate players that although play very well will inevitably be defeated in the first round of playoffs on April 12th/2005 by a team of Awesome, athletic, good looking sex machines.
Those Wild Cats sure got their asses handed to them by that very good looking,not to mention sexy, team Awesome.
by Tupac April 12, 2005
a random word caitlin made up
she has a penis
caitlin eats douchecakes because she likes the taste between her teeth
by tupac August 13, 2004
a loud, annoying, and slutty, bitch with fucked up teeth.
Netty the dumbest whore I know.
by tupac February 16, 2003
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