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1. Somewhat derogatory name for a person with a penchant for giving head.
May also be used to describe someone particularly accomplished at it.

2. An insult for someone stupid/irritating/annoying/ (delete as appropriate), also brings the subjects sexuality into question (if male)
"Man, your sister is one hell of a cocksmoker"
by Paulo November 17, 2004
North East England word for toilet
"why aye man I'm bursting forra shit I'm ganning to the netty
by Paulo July 02, 2004
A person who eats only the meat of mammals. Mammaltarians also eat vegitables, but not poultry, fish, amphibians or lizards. Some mammaltarians further specialize their diet to include only prototheria, metatheria or eutheria.
Have you noticed how Red always orders steak? I bet he's a mammaltarian.
by paulo June 26, 2004
A notion of complete surprise or astonishment at something. Although this is often mundane and leads you to think that this person has led a very sheltered life!
Oooh Yaaahh, Laura come and look at this!!!!
by Paulo May 14, 2004
AKA urethra, the hole that the jib comes out of.
If you get jib caught in the jibhole, your jibhole will become plugged, and thats no fun.
by paulo April 17, 2003
1.To put someone down verbally or physically in an amusing manner
2. To get rid of someone, usually in a hurry

Typically occurs whilst drunk
"That girl was a total munter - I despatched her first thing in the morning"
by Paulo November 17, 2004
The worlds finest thrash ballad punk country reggae rock band. Formed in 1985 in a quiet Surrey back street, they shot to fame with the release of their first album A Pile Of Shit. Using simple chord structures, no rhythym and the voice of a giraffe, theirs is an unmistakable sound.
Ooooh, I do enjoy relaxing with a spot of knobcheese after a hard day's work.
by Paulo January 21, 2005
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