Here is a quaint little ditty I made up aboot Netto's
You shop all day,
You shop all night,
You come back home with a bag of shite!
Netto's- it's scandinavian for value!
by Stacie July 28, 2004
Top Definition
a supermarket where the most expensive item is the bags.

where jamie shops at
what do u mean 5p for a bag, the food only cost 2p

hey mummy can we go to netto
by prunella January 03, 2004
A shop where the hobo's go. Mothership for the chavs aswell {specially during breeding season}
NETTO'S It's scandinavian for value!
by Lauren England July 09, 2004
Shitty chain of danish shops that sell contaminated food.
He'll eat anything, even food from Netto! o.O
by k9norn November 12, 2003
It's where .... gets their best clothes.

The Scandinavian term for value.

.... shops at nettos
its where they get their best clothes
shoes are very nifty
cost em £1.50

Netto, Scandanavian for value
by Alexandra_Jay May 20, 2007
I simply thought it was Scandinavian for value!
(In fucked up Foregin voice) - Netto. It's Scandinavian for value!
by Lylo April 10, 2004
A place where my Y6 teacher shopped when I was at primary school ages ago. Where the gypsies in my town shop cos the caravan site is less than a mile away. A horrible shop that puts flyers through everyone's doors.
Usually where some immigrants I know shop. Sells things so cheap it's like shoplifting. I am not a snob, I just hate Irish Pikies.
immigrant1: let's go to netto and get some curry!
immigrant2: It only cost 50p, it is from netto!

(Listen to curry song get ur mates to send it you via bluetooth)
by gypsyexterminator November 15, 2007
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