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14 definitions by Stacie

a mood is a way of expressing someone's feelings and emotions.
stacie was being very kind today and that showed that she was in a good mood.
by stacie October 22, 2003
110 34
an informal word for a vagina
Eating a pooder sandwich while driving can become difficult.
by stacie May 21, 2004
123 61
Here is a quaint little ditty I made up aboot Netto's
You shop all day,
You shop all night,
You come back home with a bag of shite!
Netto's- it's scandinavian for value!
by Stacie July 28, 2004
70 20
A language which I like speaking.
Comment tu tapples
Ja Mapple Dude
Salut dude!
by Stacie September 15, 2004
225 184
I used to play neopets but I got addictided so I stopped. It used to be alright but some nazi geezer crapped it all up you get frozen for no reason in hell!
Neopets sucks- I got frozen for calling my neopets shit_head when thats what my child's gonna be called.
by Stacie July 27, 2004
99 63
Noun- means girl with dyed blonde hair, fake boobs and no clothes on
As in "Miss.Hawaiian Tropic 2004 looks like Hooker Barbie
by Stacie October 12, 2004
20 10
An extremely talented soul singer aged 17.
Joss Stone rocks- need I say more?
by Stacie September 05, 2004
104 97