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Outer space chariot bearing Star Child and Funkenstein back to Earth when it deserves a global splanking.
by Star Child July 29, 2003
Coined by former SportsCenter anchor, Dan Patrick, used in place of the proper name of his former organization - ESPN

A formerly-great sports channel that introduced the world to such fantastic sports anchors as Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. Now known for overpaid, over-exposed, blowhard anchors such as Chris Berman and Stewart "boo-yah" Scott.
Hey, Dan, is there anyone left at the Mother Ship that likes Chris Berman, or are they all tired of his ridiculous, self-important attitude?
by bukowsky September 17, 2012
1- The Dan Patrick Show's term for ESPN

2- A great album from Led Zepplin
1- The Mothership is making another Tim Tebow story!

2- Dude, we got baked and listened to Mothership!
by subject2change13 May 26, 2012
A scrin superweapon from the game Command & Conquer 3 and its addon Kane's Wrath which can destroy everything in one shot. The destroyed units and structures let out a cataclysmic chain reaction which will then kill the next objects in the area of effect and so on. Lame unit because it can be deployed in your base with mind control units and make you pretty much fucked up.
This fucking noob killed my whole base with his nooby mothership and thinks he's like all pro.
by blackpitch November 26, 2009
The head office of a geeky college like ITT or DeVry
Where is the Mother Ship for DeVry?
by cyndie May 16, 2003
The main offices for geeky colleges like ITT or DeVry.
Where is DeVry's Mother Ship located?
by truebeliever May 16, 2003
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