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MMORFG term. To increase ones level at a rate which is faster than the normal accepted rate.
Grassie: Damn this shit is lame, i need to power level this character so i can own some fools.
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006
rick allen the lengendary one armed drummer from the eighties glam rock band def leppard. allen lost his arm in a accident when he was driving his chevrolet corvette. allen continued to play for def leppard with an specially adapted drum kit to suit his one armed style
blood hound gang lyric: the drummer from def leppards only got one arm!!!!

rick allen only has one arm because chuck norris needed a back scratcher.
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006
010, a written representation of mammary penetration, also known as titty fucking. to two '00's' representing the whores tits, and the 1 representing a big hard cock.
bro, 010 in the hizzur.

hi im a whore, do you care to titty fuck me then cum on my face?
by Sizzlehed August 15, 2006
lead singer from def leppard, had a pretty sweet haircut in the eighties, i think he had a battle with jon bon jovi and won.
my name is joe elliot, singing is my friend
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006
slang for smoking marijuana. also slang name for marijuana.
also for a serious "session" you can be come a "silver fern", which are in fact the world champions of the womens sport also known as netball. and the most serious level of netball is known as the world cup.
dave: hey tom, you keen to play netball?
tom: yea bro, for sure.

tom: yo dave, world cup on the stove tonight
dave: fucken aye boy!
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006

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