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Bundaberg. A brand of alcohol.
Hey Robbo, chuck us another Bundy, will ya?
by Rollo47 July 11, 2003
Often used in conjuction with Faggot.
Shaggot and Maggot are also used, occasionally.
"Oh, you bloody faggot wraggot"
by Rollo47 March 18, 2004
For sure, my nigger.
Negro 1: You got the stuff?
Negro 2: Fo shizzle, my nizzo
by Rollo47 September 15, 2003
To be retarded, or mentally challenged in some way.
"Dude, you're munted!"
by Rollo47 July 11, 2003
1. Butt-faced Gnome
2. Big Friendly Giant
3. Big Fucking Gun
Haha, you are a BFG if I ever saw one.
by Rollo47 March 18, 2004
The sport of manly men.
Wow, look at Bruce go - he's so good at netball, and such a stud.
by Rollo47 November 17, 2004

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