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Someone, usually of Jewish decent, although sometimes Italian or others, charactarized by their hook shaped nose, commonly called a "hook nose". Its main purpose is that of obtaining air, which is one of the few remaining "free" substances---and we all know kikes love free stuff.

Avrom 5
Priest: Why do heebs have such big hook noses?
Rabbi: I dunno.. why?
Priest: Cause air is free you noob! 120
by 31337hacker August 11, 2006
A cheap stingy person
He didn't even leave a tip, what a hook nose!
She will never pay you back, she's a hook nose jew!
by ReaganP September 29, 2005
A deragatory term for a jewish person. especially one with a nose that looks like a fish hook. See also jew or kike.
Damn look at that hook noses' snoz!
by stray May 06, 2004
Jewish nose, similar to a hook.
Brian (Greham Chapman):
I'm not a Roman, Mum!
And I never will be!
I'm a kike, a Yid, a hebe, a hooknose!
by max August 09, 2004
derogatory statement to describe someone of the jewish faith or of semetic heritage. also see Kyke heebshylock yid
that hook nose has stiffed us out of every penny we have, lets smear his house with ham
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
A person with a big nose, has lots of money made from who knows where, also known as a jew, always picks up pennies. and have sex through sheets.
The Hook Nose jew picked up that penny on the ground.
by Coldcoy November 25, 2007
adj., abnormally large and hook-like nose
n., girl with abnormally large and hook-like nose
Hey butthole, when are Roman and hooknose gettin' here?
by C. Humphries December 05, 2002
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