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A woman hitting on younger men whose age puts her far beyond the "cougar" category
I knew Mike had a thing for cougars but when I saw a 55 year-old lady talking to him, I realized he had transitioned to saber-tooth tigers.
by The Eta July 02, 2009
A prehistoric "cougar" that preys on young men that could be her grandson's age.
When I took my grandma to Bingo, her sabertooth tiger friends couldn't keep their paws off me.
by The Rountrees March 05, 2010
an uber cougar. def.1

an exceptionally older woman 70 and above who frequents the club scene. def 2

usually at the peak of their senility.
Damn Aleks! do you remember those sabertooth tigers at the karaoke bar? eg.1

Those sabertooth tigers are driving too slow!
by almo&phons August 01, 2008
SYLLABICATION: sa·ber-tooth tiger
PRONUNCIATION: say'br-tootht
NOUN: (1) Any of various extinct cats of the Oligocene to the Pleistocene Epoch, especially one of the larger members of the genus Smilodon, characterized by long upper canine teeth.
(2)The process and act of simultaneously inserting two penises into the mouth of a third party. This person is presupposed to be performing fellatio on two men at the same time.
Dude, me and Matt saber-tooth tigered Sheena last night! ...but...that doesn't mean we're gay or anything....
by Donkey Rocket September 18, 2005
A woman older than 80 who stalks men much younger than herself in order to quell a post-menopausal sexual arousal. A Saber tooth tiger is older than the puma, cougar, lioness, and jaguar.
" Lookout bra your lionesses looking more like a saber tooth tiger"
by CatIsLegend May 18, 2016
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