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A term used to describe coolness.
Amanda: That shirt is shibby!
Tyler: Shibby is my word, bitch!
Amanda: ::cries::
by donotello August 17, 2005
An abbreviation for "totally." Used specifically by people who are cooler than the normal "totally" users.
"You are totez retarded"
"I totez just gave that dude a blumpkin"
"totez mouthshitz for whoever just farted."
by donotello July 12, 2008
Contrary to popular belief, Fuckles is a term used to describe sudden and serious exclamation.
"FUCKLES, she just dumped me. Whore."

"Oh fuckles, did you forget to put the fire out in the field?"

"FUCKLES! My parents are going to find that dead body under my bed if I don't clean by tomorrow!"
by donotello July 12, 2008
A hairy person who looks like a mixture between a gorilla, and a bear. Often moody, and bitchy.
Man, That gorilla bear stole my lunch again!


Amie! She gets mad at everything. She's a fuckin' gorilla bear.
by donotello August 17, 2005
Shittlefuckskeetskeet is a combination word comprised of three terms. Shittles, Fuckles, and Skeet Skeet. All of which may have sexual connotation when used separately, but when combined form the ultimate exclamation. When using the word, no other word is needed in the sentence, because everyone will know the level of seriousness that requires such a term.

The term was created in 2004 by world renowned artist and musician Harrison Moenich.
by donotello July 12, 2008
When someone says something profoundly stupid with the intention of getting a response, only to have the reaction fall short. That is when you simply reply, "Gimme Dem."
Tyler: "Yo dude I stuck two fingers in and she was like SHIBBY!! haha too bad it was only her butt, right?"

Everyone, after a moment of silence: "GIMME DEM!"
by donotello July 12, 2008
A term used to describe surprise, boredom, or fascination.
Julia screamed "Nerp!" when Erick put his finger in the wrong hole.
by donotello August 17, 2005

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