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A retard as mentioned in South Park. Complete moron, absolute idiot.
You are such an artard!
by Mike the PIUMP March 10, 2003
1229 255
An inncorect way to spell /r/-tard which is a reference to certain people on the 4-chan boards. Referenced in South Park and correctly spelled if you had captions on.
Stan: I am socializing /r/-tard(artard). I'm on an MMORPG gaining XP with my friends using Team Speak!

Randy: ....I'm not an /r/-tard(artard).
by Dude#10230213 November 20, 2006
568 195
a retard compared to other retards; qualities of extreme stupidity
John is such an artard!
by jose santos March 06, 2005
463 211
a person of significant stupidity; one who give the impression he is a retard
That artard just drove the wrong way down the street.
by w dawg March 04, 2004
234 171
Someone who is a freakin retard. This person will probably try to fish in a 2 inch deep creek.
Guy1: I ran into a wall

Guy2: Youre such an Ar Tard
by JAY-V 13 November 08, 2011
3 2
A reatard to a more extreme level. A dumbass or idiot.
"chris you are such an ar-tard."
by sp12345 August 20, 2008
7 6
Someone who is incapable of making or understanding art.
You can't draw, paint, or paper mache for shit!

you are such an artard..
by punch!uation December 12, 2010
12 22