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a colossal (gigantic,huge,fatass, whale,hugenormous,abnormally big) Nigguh. Usually when you cant tell the gender of them.
Wow, look at the nignog whale laying on that bed!
#whale #nignog #gigantic #gender #big
by chrilliam January 23, 2010
aggressive tongue wrestling
those chillens were koodling like crazy.
#kissing #making out #wrestling #fornification #sex
by chrilliam December 30, 2009
A artard retarded awesomely amzingful substitution for another word and or sentence to descride its awesomeness and amazingfulness. or could descride your love one another. OR! could also descride the hatefullness towards another culture or ethnicity if used in the proper digogitory term.
i nerp you with all my nerpin heart.
#fuck #love #racisim #hate #awesome
by chrilliam December 30, 2009
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