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Noun/Adverb: A term of endearment for a loved one. Verb: A synonym for snuggling.
Noun: I love you, you are such a smuggy! Verb: Let's go smuggy!
by MelissaM August 30, 2007
A cute exclamation of surprise, delight, disappointment or other extreme emotional reactions. Variations include nerpie and nerphead to describe another person when in a highly emotional state.
Nerp! I love you even though you are a nerphead!
by MelissaM August 30, 2007
Someone you really love, your loved one, or someone you care about.
I want you to be my hoopy.
by MelissaM August 30, 2007
The act of cuddling or showing love to someone else.
I love it when we are cozy and smuggle!
by MelissaM August 30, 2007

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