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v: something that worked at one time, but was changed (usually for the worse) by someone who did not understand that particular thing's usefulness. You used to have something cool, but now your stuff
suxors. Often refers to MMOFPS's or MMORPG's, when the game designers change in-game rules and they screw stuff up.
"That game used to pwn, but now it blows. They took out the best part."
"Whatever I was doing, I'm not doing it anymore, I got nerfed."
"Our junk was so much better before the designers all nerfed it."
by CmdrAwesome December 29, 2004
Acronym for "Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter".

Most support a large number of players in 1 server.

See also pwned

Some examples are: Planetside, World War II Online and Battlefield 1942. Many have a monthly subscription cost to pay for server access.

Similar to MMORPG's, these games differ only in that you usually can see ahead in First Person and can fire some sort of projectile weapon, thus "killing" your opponent.
"Are there any new MMOFPS coming out this month?"
by CmdrAwesome December 29, 2004
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