for ones brain to melt and reform in the shape of a boner
wow its an ATI Radeon HD 4890 X2 4GB GDDR5!! -nerdgasms-
by darfius September 25, 2009
A nerd having an orgasm
Omg look at Kent having a nerdgasm
by KentKomedy November 30, 2010
When a nerd/geek does something he or she finds awesome but it is only awesome to said nerd or to a collective group of nerds.
The nerd moment in question is usually down to interpretation, but it usually adheres to stereotypes of the word, Nerd.
"I just backed up all the data from my PC and reinstalled a new operating system, it was sweet"!! *Nergasm*

"I spent half the day tweaking and modding my PC systems so it operates more efficiently" *Nerdgasm*

Guuitar Nerd 1 "Dude, did you see that 7 string sweep picking with the string skipping"??

Guitar Nerd 2 "Yeah I did, had a nerdgasm it was so damn good"
by DeeRod November 09, 2010

An orgasm occurring in a nerd.
Man, the trailer for the new Tron TV show caused Eugene to have a nerdgasm.
by BSGfan July 27, 2009
my reaction to finding out about google instant
When I discovered google instant, I had a hardcore nerdgasm
by someoneelsedetailsareirrelanvt September 08, 2010
When one surrounded with something or someone extremely nerdy or geeky.
Nerd 1: "So Eugene, in Star Wars episode 4 at precisely 1:53:45.6 what do you think OB 1 should have done?"

Nerd 2: " Well I don't know, let's have a Star Wars slumber party with Bob and Frances and make a list of reasons!!"

Cool Bystander: "Ooooh I just had a nerdgasm!!"
by Mesopotato November 02, 2009
People gather in one location to play card games such as"magic the Gathering", "Yugioh", or "Poke'-mon." They tend to rub on each other as if it were having one massive orgy.
by greatone87 April 15, 2011

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