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Strange and seemingly sexual noises a person of 'higher intelligiance' may make when witnessing something technologically explicit.
"Johnny had a nerdgasm over the Yamaha LS9-32"
by Special P May 04, 2009
A nerdgasm is a sudden, euphoric, blissful feeling brought on by mention or example of a deep abiding knowledge of all things nerd. Nerdgasms can be felt by any and all people with an honest and sincere interest in science fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and heroic, writings, teachings, cinema, and television. Nerdgasms have also been known to occur in the act or conception of roleplaying, collectible card games, and eletronic games. Finally the last known cause of nerdgasms is the collection or viewing of rare or otherwise hard to find nerd memorabilia. Note: nerdgasms and nerds are not to be confused with geekgasms and geeks.
Nerd 1: Did you hear about that guy who found the Ariel Ambulance from Firefly in a junkyard and totally restored it?
Nerd 2: Seriously? Full on Nerdgasm!
Nerd 1: Nerdgasm? What's that?
Nerd 2: You kiddin me, it's like cumming inside your brain.
Nerd 1: Oh...yeah I've been there.
by TheGorramEvilOverlords November 15, 2010
An overexposure to an electronic item worthy of awe, or jumble of code-scripting and multimedia representing in a fucking awesome playable interface (aka a fucking awesome video game). One in this overexposure usually Splurges uncontrolably over anything within a 10-20 foot radius(occassionally blue???). A state of shock arrests the splurger's abuility to do anything from anywhere between 5 minutes to three months. If one tries to avoid a nerdgasm they are a n00b and should be pwned imediately by someone totally 1337.
"Oh ShIt i just nerdgasmed all over the place"...
*friend beside them wipes off face*
"oh shizite it smells like shit"
friend: "no you just shat yourself as-well"
by Harry Horton October 13, 2006
Nerdgasm: (noun) \ˈnərd,ga-zəm\ A beautiful moment where fandom meets extreme euphoric pleasure.
"That podcast discussing all things video games, movies, TV and comics gave me a total nerdgasm!"
by The Nerdgasm Podcast February 22, 2014
Something that happens to me every time I open up visual studio. I happen to be one who is described as a nerd...
Me: OMG NERDGASM!!!!!!1!!!!1!
Me: Dammit gotta wash the sheets again...
by C#Nerd December 06, 2012
A rhetorical debate or discussion resulting in mind-blowing excitement and the sudden and increasing release of endorphins into the body (much like an orgasm) immediately following a series of intellectual word-f$&*ing. The example below actually happened - this mind-screw was completely and spontaneously improvised! ...not to mention that the fact it was an analogy about sex (one guy and three girls)... using ICE CREAM! lol. Such a nerdgasm!
Male: You’re on my mind.
Female: Why?
M: Neapolitan ice cream. I have a redhead, a brunette, and what color is your hair?
F: HA! Blonde! Nice! Well, this vanilla just might melt away behind the chocolate and strawberry before you can scoop me up. No offense!
M: You might be surprised at how fulfilled ice cream feels when the right spoon is used
F: Oic
M: ...because w/o that person to enjoy the ice cream with that perfect spoon, would that ice cream be able to fulfill its purpose of being savored... truly enjoyed by the senses?
F: But how do you know you have the right spoon for this vanilla? I mean, there are many different spoons and MANY kinds of ice cream! And different flavors should not have their individual eccentricities neglected when selecting the proper spoon.
M: LMAO agreed! The only way to tell is to try.
F: Hmmm- I wouldn't say the ONLY way to know is to try. One could get to know what needs the ice cream may have.
M: Ice cream should be tasted, not heard! How does one get to know what needs the ice cream has?
F: By checking out the cover, then the label; find out what kind of ice cream, if it was like others you'd had before, if it was NUTS, or fruity, or some sort of rocky road to it. Then you'd refine your spoon choice with experience.
F: Whew... I gotta admit, that was fun!
M: Are you smiling?
F: Completely! That was such a NERDGASM I had right there! What about you? Where's your head?
M: That NERDGASM was shared! :D
by NIC-Spot March 12, 2012
A orgasmic feeling when one sees something so nerdy, they go into a state of bliss. Much like a cat on catnip.
After googling so much Legend of Zelda cosplay, she nerdgasmed for a whole hour and eventually fell asleep.
by lolicakes May 16, 2011