A orgasmic feeling when one sees something so nerdy, they go into a state of bliss. Much like a cat on catnip.
After googling so much Legend of Zelda cosplay, she nerdgasmed for a whole hour and eventually fell asleep.
by lolicakes May 16, 2011
1. A Nerdgasm, is the act of having an Orgasmic like felling when doing or experiencing something extremely nerdy like opening a new video game.

2. A Nerdgasm can be experienced during epic nerd battles usually over Star Wars, Star Trek, video games, ect.
I Opened my Halo: Reach Legendary Edition last night and had a total Nerdgasm.
by Secret Cobraz October 15, 2010
The intense feeling of joy a nerd feels when he or she plays World of Warcraft (WoW) for the first time.
Holy shit! Ted just got a nerdgasm!
by Sir Butters Leopold Stotch August 23, 2010
When something particularly nerdy excites you to the equivalent of sexual arousal.
I made a Legend of Zelda reference ot my girlfriend yesterday, and she totally go it! I had such a nerdgasm!
by PikaPikaSparkles June 02, 2010
When something is so nerdy and epic it brings one to orgasm.
I had a nerdgasm

"did you see the new sci-fi movie?"
"It brought me to nerdgasm"

"it was so nerdy I experienced a Nerdgasm"

Woah, The new batmobile! I think I'm having a nerdgasm!
by Kashaanm January 18, 2011
(verb)- to become incredibly excited by something nerdy or dorky (e.i. a video game) to the point of a high comparable to orgasm
Dude when I got Blops at midnight I had such a nerdgasm!
by The Papa Smurf December 09, 2010
A sudden state of mental euphoria, cause by nerd-like or gaming-orientated things (such as some new Xbox360 game comes out).
Man, Jason is totally nerdgasming over Halo Reach
by László VR September 15, 2010

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