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To bedazzle your little pink kitten, that pretty little ribbon... your vagina. That's right. Now YOU can sparkle like the famous Edward Cullen. And why stop there? You could even vajazzle your boyfriend! Want to beat Ke$ha at her own game? Forget the glitter, get the jewels, and start vajazzling!!!!
And now here's a review from Jennifer Love Hewitt: "After a break up, a friend of mine um, Swarovski Crystal my precious lady and it uh, shined like a disco ball." ah haaa~ well put, Jennifer.. well put. Those who wish to *ahem* "vajazzle their va-jay-jays" can read more about it, in her book 'The Day I Shot Cupid'.. sounds like a good read to me!!
by lolicakes March 08, 2011
A game soon to be released for the Wii.

Also known as "Fightingfrogs" and "Reptilewars".

The remakes are based off the 1991 game for the NES.

Supposedly Battletoads cost 9000 dollars at Gamestop,

however the rare Mudkip edition is said to cost 'OVER 9000'.

If money is no option and you wanna play the entire series..

there's also the Pedobear edition featuring a cute n' cuddly bear who loves children.

You can make Pedobear do barrel rolls, dance, and other fun stuff in the back of his van.
prank caller: I'm looking for a game.. do u have Battletoads?
gamestop: ahaha.. fuck you.
by lolicakes December 14, 2010
A common sign of lack of sleep or boredom. It erupts from your mouth, kind of like a weird moan. Very contagious. You could experience a series of yawns just by seeing, hearing, and or thinking about yawning.
I have yawned 4.. no 5 times just while typing this definition.

FACT: You have or will yawn while reading this.
by lolicakes January 30, 2011
A really good band.. sadly, few people have heard of them.
person1: you know that song.. 1985, by Bowling for Soup?

person2: yeah??

person1: ..SR-71 wrote that.

person2: who's SR-71?

person1: *cries*
by lolicakes December 28, 2010
First using a glitch to clone your pokemon/items,

and then trading the clones to another game cartridge... just in case

the internal battery should ever run dry, or the game breaks.. etc.
Could also be referred to as making a backup cartridge.
OH NO!!!! My saved game has disappeared... good thing I have pokemon insurance! 8D
by lolicakes October 30, 2010
When something is both amazing and fantastic at the SAME TIME :D
You got a Fushigi Ball? Well that's amaztastic!! I wish my balls could defy gravity..
by lolicakes August 11, 2010
When two people, who are excessively obese.. fall deeply in love.

Not to be confused with Munchlax love.
SNORLAX used Attract! It's super effective!

guy watching: I CAN'T TELL WHAT BODY PART GOES WHERE!!!!!!! O___O;;

daycare people: It's Snorlax love!! :'3
by lolicakes October 03, 2010

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