People gather in one location to play card games such as"magic the Gathering", "Yugioh", or "Poke'-mon." They tend to rub on each other as if it were having one massive orgy.
by greatone87 April 15, 2011
Noun: Seeing, experiencing and or being part of an event so absolutley nerd like, so f^@&ing dorky you have an almost orgasmic like experience. Similar experiences can be classified as Dorkrections or a "Fully Stimulated Geeklitorous"
"Dude I just saw the trailer for spiderman 3 and almost had a nerdgasm" ; "I just played halo 3 beta and had huge nerdgasm. You should have seen the size of my dorkrection man, You could have put a like half a dozen donuts on it!"
by Comikazee April 25, 2007
An orgasm of nerdy-ness that takes place either on the weekend or during holiday brakes. A nerdgasm consists of more than three people gathering in one place to nerd out all day; soda, snacks, and other beverages are common during a nerdgasm - tending to be a requirement whenever they occur.

Nerdgasms are also accompanied by a usuall 10-15 degree increase in room temperature due to the all the heat created by the multiple running electronics and the massive amount of body heat created by the players in the room.
Guy1: "Hey, are we having the nerdgasm at your house this Friday?"

Guy2: "Dude ofcourse! We have them every Friday. Don't forget to bring your Xbox and Halo 3, I want to rape some nubs on Griff Ball!"

Guy1: "Okay, I wont! See you at the nerdgasm, man!"
by ExBrother2 May 22, 2010
an orgy for a nerd..
an orgasm thats emerged by batman movies, dumbo, chess, hard cpu games...n other shit nerds savor-
WHile watching the new Batman movie, i had multiple nerdgasms. Wicked than a mu fucka!
by Cager July 18, 2008
The peak of nerdy pleasure; a large amount of time spent solely on doing nerdy things.
Lemme guess, you're so tired because you were up all night nerdgasming to Halo 3?

I can't believe he didn't invite me to the nerdgasm!
by blonderxcore September 29, 2007
To spontaneously throw one's Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the air after seeing or hearing something that tingles their nerd-senses
Melvin: Oh, gee golly... The new X-men game is out for all consoles!!

Heimlech: !!! OMG!! *nerdgasm*
by Brett October 02, 2004
A nerdgasm, sometimes known as "nerding out", happens when a nerve in your spine gives you a sensation that makes you wanna squeal with excitement because something nerdy that you like just happend. Can also happen at random times when you were excited earlier but where trying not to be nerdy around people.
Nonrandom nerdgasm:
Person 1: Hey, I got you this doctor you sonic screwdriver.

Person 2: *SQUEAL*

Person 1: Uh thanks? I guess
by LoredoTDC July 19, 2016
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