Have been shown to occur during: lectures over human variation; lectures over cranial morphometrics; study sessions; book readings; debates or discussions over philosophy, literature, evolution, books, research, experiments, thesis, dissertations, etc.; library activities; the act of being big spoon to a freshly printed warm article.

Have been shown to occur (yet, are not limited to) if and when: bow ties are present; guys are reading book; a discussion about literature and schizophrenia become an act of foreplay; the smell of old books is in the air; glasses are worn by an individual; a great bookstore is found; one of your ten lifetime academic boners occurs.
Checkout that professor wearing the bow tie. And back to my problem about the lecture on evolution and human variation, religion is not negatively correlated with rationality. Furthermore, in regards to the lecture over cranial morphometrics, the increased scientific validity and reliability that would result from the methodological standardization proposed for the analysis of cranial morphometrics to estimate ancestry is brilliant. Oh my goodness, checkout the guy reading a book. My apologies, I may have just had multiple nerdgasms.
by BoneLady March 29, 2010
When something nerdy is pleasing almost to the point of sexuality, especially among nerds.
Your geeky friend Nick may say, "That APPLE festival tomorrow's going to be a nerdgasm, you going?"
by GettinSomeGranger January 26, 2010
When someone gets excessively excited over something totally nerdy.
I'm having an absolute nerdgasm over the trailers for the new Star Trek movie!
by prairiemom January 23, 2010
A sudden burst of joy caused by a person's unexpected exposure to something with which they have intimate knowledge.
I just saw video footage for the new Zelda video game today and it gave me a total nerdgasm.
by SimplyDon'tCare July 22, 2010
when someone has experienced too much nerdiness at one time, they are said to have a nerdgasm, where the said person blurts out random nerdy things.
person one: did you hear? kim possible is making a new movie! i'm going to have a premiere party!

person two: *nerdgasm takes over* ah i like protractors they help me with geometry i'm in honors rulers have numbers bacon's circumference is 89!!
by madeofnerd August 23, 2009
The sensation experienced upon completing an achievement that's only notable to a nerd or geek.
1. I just completed four rows with a single straight piece in Tetris! It gave me a nerdgasm!

2. My guild scored the world-first Anub'arak kill - I think the guild leader nerdgasmed.
by Daig October 27, 2009
An explosive, often verbal, sensation caused by a mind-blowing occurrence relating to nerdy material. A strong enough nerdgasm can lead to violent spasms similar to those of a seizure.
(After elongated, plot-advancing dialogue) "Bankai!" *nerdgasms*

"... then used Geass on myself to forget." *explosive nerdgasm!*
by Icy_Auron September 16, 2009

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