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A Denice is a very caring, loving, affectionate, honest, trustworthy, awesome, amazing, and smart person. A Denice would give anything to make someone else happy. A Denice is sweet and funny and makes everyone smile by showing off her beautiful smile. She is very tall and gorgeous! Anyone who doesn't want a Denice must be slow in the head or just plain stupid!
See that beautiful girl?? That's a Denice!
by somethingmary February 04, 2010
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A Denice is one who exudes positive energy, self-confidence and is highly intelligent. To top it off, Denice is remarkable looking and captivates her audience with beautifully shaped and beautifully colored eyes. She is unique in that while she is confident in her intellectual abilities, she views her beauty as irrelevant. In Denice's opinion, those who comment solely on her beauty are quickly dismissed as highly superficial individuals. Denice gives and gives and does so anonymously. She is deeply affected by injustices in humanity and will devote a portion of her life to making the world a better place. Not too many people get to know her...mostly because she demands authenticity-a very rare trait to locate. When your friends with a Denice, you'll be best friends.
by aliveandstill55 March 17, 2010

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