What an older guy,30s, calls a younger guy,late teens or early 20s instead of bra or man or dude.

Say neph, you could loan me a dollar.
by Fes October 10, 2003
Top Definition
A word used in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh,PA. Its often used as a slang term for "I swear to God" or "on my dead homie's grave". It is a very complicated word with roots of using the word going back to the mid-1990's.
"Say Nephs that one girl got beat up"
"Nephs, I'm takin shorty home wit me tonight"
"Nephs, these broads lookin right"
by Fred Q December 22, 2005
Loosely meaning "over my dead homie's grave" also used as "for sure". Acronym of the names: Nappy, Eddie, Phil, Harold, and Slick.
Nephs, you ain't gettin' through this door.

Yo, did you just see that?
by SirWraith May 05, 2004
"Nephs" means "on my dead homies' grave"
Nephs, those dubs are tight.
I had to kill that foo', nephs.
by Jigga Man January 06, 2003
Term meaning "On my dead homie's grave." Slang emphasizing or questioning the validity of a statement.
Nephs, did you just see that?
Nephs I just gave you 20 bucks.
Nephs those rims are tight.
by J-Ryan January 11, 2003
a word used generally when referring to any male. can be used in the place of "man", "son", "dude" and so on. But there should never be a "that" in front of neph, often people make this mistake.
This rule is like the a/an rule in enlish class. You might say "give me a apple" rather than the correct alternative "give me an apple", but you can't get away with saying something like "give me an dollar". This sounds stupid, as does "look at that neph".

*neph is the short version of nephew
1. Call the ambulance or sumthin, neph just got hit by a big ass truck.

2. Neph, you aight?

3. Neph, is very similar to dude, but unlike dude, one shouldn't say sumthin like "i know that neph"...it just doesn't sound right. Just say "i know neph". One should also avoid saying things like "which neph" as a response, just say "who?" or sumthin like "Neph, who the fuck you talkin bout?"

4. Neph not as patient as I am, John tried to cock block (see cock blockin/cock blocking) when he was about to hit that chic off, and he just beat John ass yo!

5. Yo son, look at neph in the spandex.
by FooGe March 26, 2004
-i swear yo

(an acronym in remembrance of legendary dead homies)
Ayo, on the nephs i busted a cap on him ike.
by spoleze February 15, 2003
Some of the Nephs (Dead Homies from the Hill District in Pittsburgh)

Black Boo, Tizzy, D, Ike, Bugaloo, Eddie, Harold, Phil, Delaney, Darius, Rodi Booth, Shitty I (Clarence), Ty Edwards, Kendre (Mad Circle), K-Dog, Dale Williams,
On the Nephs
by Nova25 December 23, 2009
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