a smelly tramp who drinks a lot and feels tough in a crowd . Will pick a fight if you walk in their air zone and will pick a fight if you dont

female neds get pregnant at 8 and have 30 children by the time they are 12.

male neds will sleep with ugly female neds who probably have a gold ring up their cunt.

Neds wear lots of cheap jewellery made by an immigrant

Neds are unemployed but still manage to survive

I will wipe them out in due course
Am no a ned ya pure bas
by Steven October 28, 2004
noun: The smoldering end of a cigar, cigarette, joint, blunt, or other oblong smoking material.
Also: ned marks, ned tracks, ned burns: burns in furniture and automobile upholstery.
(SW Indiana, US)
"Watch your ned dude! You fucking burned me!"
"No more smoking in my car, you left ned tracks on my seat."
by Vandervecken April 25, 2009
Iam from Glasgow and it means a young scumbag, council house, non educated, white shell suit (fake designer gear) usually a fake tan although the furthest they have ever been is jail. from the word rob there granny for a drink
a wee ned was seen drinking buckfast up a lane
by Clive October 08, 2003

Most commonly used in the north of scotland (Edinburgh/Fife) it can be used as an offensive word (1),description of a gathering of young people (2), Or a general representation of all Sweatsuit-wearing, load talking, slang using Alchoholics in scotland (3)
Example of N.E.D

(1) "Aye right you wee fucking ned, I will fuckin shag your maww!!

(2) "Look at all those neds hanging around tesco"

(3) "lol all those scottish folk are neds!"
by FifeyBoy April 01, 2009
A ned is a Scottish term for a male between the ages of 8 and 19 who enjoys wearing cheap, usually fake tracksuits, Kappa or Lacoste trainers, white football socks over their tracksuit bottoms, and of course a fake Burberry cap pointed skywards. They may also be seen wearing Helly Hansen of Berghaus jackets, depending on weather conditions.

Favourite pastimes of a ned include smoking anything they can get their hands on, drinking Buckfast ("Buckie") or cheap cider, such as the "White Lightning" crap you can get out of the Spar for £1.50 a litre, starting fights with random people, although never alone, they always start fights in groups ("Crews", "Fleetos" or "Yung Teems"), and shagging the female of the species, coined a "Nedette".

A Nedette is similar to a ned in both attire and pastimes, but instead of a normal Burberry cap, they wear pink Burberry caps, they have around 12 fake gold hoop earrings on each ear, and are usually accompanied by their screaming, butt-ugly toddler, to whom they gave birth at the age of 12.
Traditional Ned Battlecry:
Ned(to passing stranger):"Oi you ya bam. You bein' wide?"
Ned:"Aye ye are. You deserve a slap"
Ned hits Stranger
Stranger:"What the f*** was that for?
Stranger hits Ned back
Ned(pulling out bread knife):"Me an' ma Crew 'ill f***ing wreck you!"
Stranger runs, pursued by 5 Neds with kitchen knives
by CaptainToast January 02, 2009
A Scottish person who uses slang and vandalises.. Basically a chav but not english.
Girl:Oh my god that Ned just vandalised the park

Random person:Oh dear those neds live in a bad neighbourhood.. nothing new there.
by Boris Wenis November 06, 2008
blurberry wearing, skip cap doning, foul mouthed waster, usually fould with a bottle of buckfast tonic wine. Can be seen frequenting parks and bus stops in the west coast of scotland.
shell suit bob (river city)
by anon anus May 01, 2005
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