A small boy, paticuarly a deep voice, often appearing with lots of acne.
Has urges 5 times a day
Likes dating ugly girls called Amie.
"Haha you sound like ned"
To pull a ned.
by Nick hubbard March 02, 2008
a ned is a male teenager who
1. smokes
2. wears burberry cap
3. swears a lot
4. bullies people
5. always talks about sex and says that they have had it
6. wears lots of sports brand clothes
7. gets drunk every friday
8. says the love drugs and that they smoke weed
9. has a secret porn stash

Also see townie or chav.
Ben is a ned because he wears a burberry cap.
by scummy neds... June 20, 2004
OK Lets clear this up PLEASE! OK most of you have it right except the origin of the word, A NED (in it's modern usage) is a term used to describe The Scots version of the CHAV or Townie, Expensively dressed Tramps in other words with absolutely No Manners, no etiquette (Look it up in a 'Dik shun nerry', Neds) no social grace, a disgrace to their families and communities, Foul Mouthed Godless creatures who contribute Nothing to society except derision and more bastard children like themselves, in other words a sad reflection on the breakdown of Family Life and behavior.

Another Thing.... People who say NED stands for Non-Educated Delinquent , are talking out of their Anus holes, There is NO such Grammatical term in the English Language, it would be UN-Educated!! as indeed many posters on this site tend to be unfortunately.
Ned = A young Hooligan with no clue about the consequences of their actions has been used for many years to describe any type of miscreant
by Ayeyermaw August 07, 2007
A young spotty unemployed shellsuit wearing tink, who thinks thunderbird is a drink for posh people, his ambition is to go to jail and offend as many normal people as possible, the highlight of his week is giro day or slashing someone at the weekend, scared to look at you on his own, but thinks he is hard as fuck in a group of 20 other neds, picks fag buts from the street and hassles people for spare change.
No I am not going to give you my spare change you fuckin ned,

or, get a job you fucking ned
by Paul January 14, 2004
NED which contrary to popular belief does not come from Non Educated Delinquent but actually stems from the shortening of the common term "ne'er do well" ned means different things to different places. In England it is chav. Even in Scotland varies. Glasgow Neds have knives normally and if you are in an area with Neds roaming about you are pretty much dead. Edinburgh, too refined to have neds supposedly. but they are there. if you look in the right places. Dundee neds are usually annoying and speak in annoying lingo but tend to be around 14 years old with three children. called brogan, dale and chantelle-marie. Funnily enough the alpha male system of the animal kingdom is in reverse in the Ned System as the smallest and most ginger person is usually the leader. whatever he loses in being the smallest person, he gains from being the biggest shit.

MALE ATTIRE - kappa. lots

FEMALE ATTIRE - Anything that hurts the eyes.

you- (minding your own business)

ned- you talkin' about me??? eh? eh? eh? 'mon then? ya poof? eh? eh? eh? you gee'in us cheek? meh brither shot a lassie last week and e'll get yeh. you think em leh-in? then e'll smash yeh.

you - what?

ned - @£$*(*&*()(*&*(*&^*%$£$%^& (ned talk)

(An excerpt I had in an altercation with a ned because i "looked at him like he was a poof", to unnamed ned. if you are a poof, it is a life decision, and i accept that and i am not out to argue with that because i just don't mind. just make sure you tell chantelle-marie or whoever before you leave her for a toyboy so she can deal with the three children. but hey i will be paying for them anyway!)

(i'm not a snob, just can't quite see what i did to provoke him... i'm harmless really)
by i_is_tom September 20, 2007
Neds, much to the contrary of common belief, are not purely found within the Glasgow area, but litter most parks and wooded areas of Scotland drinking "Buckfast" and other get-pissed-quick drinks. The word "ned" does not stand for "non-educated-delinquent" as nowadays, neds can range from the educated to the idiots. Mainly, they are idiots. Neds do wear tracksuits and trainers and caps tilted very high upwards and gold rings. The Female ned, however, can be identified in two forms, The Manly Nedette and the Nedette. The nedette can also be known as a "Slut" "whore" or "person wearing very few clothes and lots of gold jewlery". The Manly Nedette is a female who wears tracksuits and trainers and caps tilted very high upwards and gold rings. A common trademark of the ned is trackies tucked into socks.
The Under-18s is a get together for under-age neds to mate.
by girl from Stirling August 07, 2006
An extremely common creature, generally found in urban areas of Scotland. A typical herding animal, they move in packs and pick on weaker species. All neds follow a formula in their appearance in an attempt to fit in with the group and not get their heads kicked in. The male of the species is particularly stupid, and having no guidance, only gets worse. The female of the species is very similar. Usually, neds begin to breed at about the age of 6, though pregnancy can only be achieved after the age of 12. A nedette can be expected to produce about 4 offspring every five years.
Mr Smith : Do you want some money?
Charlene : Yer maw!
Mr Smith : How about you? Do you want something to eat?
Adele : **** you!
Mr Smith : Good grief. But surely you...
JYT guy : Haw, pure mad mental!
Mr Smith : gasp
by Jen December 14, 2004

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