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Morning sex position - when both partners lie on their backs and scissor their legs while having sex...allowing maximum penetration and ultimate laziness.
I was half asleep after being rode hard and put up wet the night before, so all I could muster is msp
by Kikisita September 16, 2007
Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport. In top ten of busiest airports in the country. Along with Memphis and Detroit, a major hub for Northwest Airlines. If you fly Northwest from any city in the Midwest, you'll have a layover at MSP.
A: Can you give me a ride to the airport?
A: No, the other aiport, Dumbass.

A: Where was your layover?
A: How was it?
B: Does Northwest own that goddamned airport?
by ATC nerd June 01, 2006
Mack, Stack, and Pack
Mack-Attempting to seduce
Stack-Hooking up (porking)
Pack-Getting outta der asap

Crucial step-by-step process, if steps are jumbled, will automatically fail
<Guy 1> Dude shes bungin'
<Guy 2> Yeh but when she opens her mouth my mind goes numbin'
<Guy 1> MSP that shit brah
<Guy 2> good call

by Richitheprince November 24, 2006
Ma se Poes is one of the more popular insults in South Africa.
Roughly translating to "Your mother's vagina"
MSP. All the guys in the KK team are MA SE POESE.

MSP - Ma se poes

MSP that guy is a big ma se poes.

HOLY SHIT! That MA SE POES almost hit my car MSP.
by KK.fokken.hack August 03, 2011
A shortened term for "Most Sh*tiest Player". The antonym of MVP (Most Valuable Player).
Player 1: GG good try team.
Player 2: GG :(
Player 3: GG (Leaves)
Player 1: I can't believe Player 3 lost us the game over that last fight..
Player 2: He ain't MVP, he MSP.
by pcaballer69 March 14, 2015
Short for Mazdaspeed Protege, essentially a turbo charged version of the more common Protege, that also had different bumpers and side skirts along with a larger spoiler. It made 170hp using the same 2.0L engine that was an option for the regular Proteges with only minor differences including clamps to help prevent detonation.
Ricer: Wow that MSP just owned my 1.6L civic, i don`t know how i just added a muffler and giant wing for a 200whp gain.
by Scorch03 September 12, 2008
MSP - abbreviation for the Afrikaans statement "Ma Se Poes" (Mother's Vagina). Can be used jokingly or when a person really is a MSP. Could either be used to insult the person’s mother, or the person themselves.
More commonly used by Afrikaans people, but will often be used in English sentences. This phrase is very popular among the Cape-coloureds (but they often use the whole phrase instead of the abbreviation).
“What’s up you MSP?”
“Hey, you’re a real MSP”
“Where can I find a condom now?”
“In your MSP!”
by Spoeg Dief March 11, 2009
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