the male: usually very thin, wearing a berghaus jacket, trakies tucked into socks, cheap(fake) lacoste trainers, hair that looks like it could land a plane, uaually stoned and drunk(oot der heed man) and would shag anything with a pulse as long as she is a nedette
the female: either very fat or very thin, face that has been plastered with a brand of foundation that has been produced from the tango factory, wearing very little clothes that show off the eight month old bump, wearing three or more fake gold rings on every finger, at least two 3" thick chains sportin someone elses name and usually found on the end of a male neds cock.
similarities: are usually found standing on random street corners drinking cheap alcohol called buckfast or md 20-20, every second word is fuck or some other random word that is intended to offened but no one knows what it means
look at dat big mad scary goff man, am gonnae chibb u ya baw, aye a fucked yer maw last night n she wis luvin it man
by kaz n kisp August 12, 2005
The act of being a nerd, without the R of course. This word can be used as a noun, adjective or a noun.
"You're a ned"
by Bigyak September 07, 2011
a cute little panda bear :)
wow hes so neddy
by kinknigga69 July 16, 2011
a good name for a penis.
he named it ned.
by oh-noes June 27, 2009
Someone who gets really drunk and starts aggressively groping every girl in sight.
John: "what the fuck is he doing?"

Bruce: " ah fuck, he is doing a Ned!"
by bond100 October 14, 2014
NEDS stands for New England Disease. This is a disease manifested by flabbiness, cellulite and pallid skin due to being stuck indoors and on the couch during the long winter months along the northern Atlantic seaboard. Women emerging in the first hot days of spring wearing shorts (and men) display the unfortunate and unsightly symptoms of NEDS. See also PNWD, (Pacific Northwest Disease).
Wow that girl's white flabby legs bespeak of a bad case of NEDS and whatnot.
by mojocracker July 14, 2011
Short for "National Emo Day", among other things.

National Emo Day always takes place on December the 19th, and is celebrated all around the world, by emo's and non-emos alike.

It is a day for emos to celbrate their sub-culture, and for non-emos to pretend to be emo, for a day. Sometimes people use the day, as an excuse to mock emo's, but it was never intended for that purpose.
by BlackSouledBeast December 05, 2009
A Scottish term for a "Chav". It stands for Non-Educated-Delinquant.
Neds can be identified in 5 simple ways:

1-Scottish, white, working class.
2- Wears baseball caps, bling and minging tracksuits.
3- Lacks the ability to use standard English.
4- Listens to "hardcore" dance music, and drives around in an ugly little car blaring their "toons" for all to hear.
5- Has an absolute obsession with the tonic wine- Buckfast.
Norm: Hi.
Ned: Haw, man, pass the pure mad Bucky man. Watch ye dinnae spill it, you'll wreck ma minted Adidas tracksuit man. Fancy a drive? We can go cruuuuuuizin' in ma pure mad mental Honda man, an' listen tae Basshunter man.
Norm: Fuck off, you wee ned!
by Scots-girl-oh-aye June 26, 2009

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