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Non Educated Delinquents, have a habit of standing around on street corners drinking 98% of the worlds supply of Buckfast, wearing enough cheap gold to make a prostitute blush whilst thinking that tucking their shell suit bottoms into their socks is the hieght of fashion. Also like to shout slipknot at anyone who doesn't conform to the above.
Just travel on the Glaswegian public transport system once and you'll see.
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004
One who is annoyingly cute.
Jodie is such a cutance when she squeaks
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004
To cunt repeatedly in the face with chair, mallet or similar.
JR: Oh my God, the Rocks spreangling Goldberg...
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004
A game involving hitting any male member or combattant in the testicles with a large metal pole or baseball bat crushing them completely. favoured by Alex J Blyth.
He rolled on the floor in agony after desert striking.
by Trotsky&co January 17, 2004
1. A band of occasional interest (e.g wait and bleed)
2. Cry of Neds on seeing anyone who is not of their Ranks.
Ned-Hey Slipknot why don't you go off and slit your wrists
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004

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