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Non - educated delinquent Scottish Chav. Different accent ... simular clothing and same attitude.
Normal Person: Hello
Ned: AIIiiiiiight
Normal Person: ?
Ned: Aye pure dingy man am no a ned!!
Normal Person: m'kay.
by Lornapie July 06, 2005
A lovely intelligent boy, generally likes to stay home and relax.
Enjoys smoking pot and hanging out with friends in his home in the forest
Ned also known as nedalicious
#nice #funny #like #cool #chill
by the girlfromthe place February 03, 2010
A ned is the proper name for a stainless steel dishwashing scrubby that is placed above a sink drain to keep the drain flowing, free from any clogging that may occur. Named after Ned Bechtold who developed this technique.
Hey Chris, don't forget to put a ned in that sink of the fish scales are gonna clog it up real quick.
#neddie #ned b. #the sink thingy #a ned #to ned the sink
by MongerX August 28, 2009
a good name for a penis.
he named it ned.
#penis #sex #dick #cock #junk
by oh-noes June 27, 2009
A Scottish term for a "Chav". It stands for Non-Educated-Delinquant.
Neds can be identified in 5 simple ways:

1-Scottish, white, working class.
2- Wears baseball caps, bling and minging tracksuits.
3- Lacks the ability to use standard English.
4- Listens to "hardcore" dance music, and drives around in an ugly little car blaring their "toons" for all to hear.
5- Has an absolute obsession with the tonic wine- Buckfast.
Norm: Hi.
Ned: Haw, man, pass the pure mad Bucky man. Watch ye dinnae spill it, you'll wreck ma minted Adidas tracksuit man. Fancy a drive? We can go cruuuuuuizin' in ma pure mad mental Honda man, an' listen tae Basshunter man.
Norm: Fuck off, you wee ned!
#ned #scottish #chav #irritant #fucktard
by Scots-girl-oh-aye June 26, 2009
A man with a dry sense of humor who was at one point in his life, a social outcast, driven into a deep depression, and is slowly overcoming this problem by being an academic counselor who tells extremely lame jokes while putting one hand in his left pocket, thrusting his hips to the right, and shooting the "double-finger gun" at a 45º angle towards the ground.

Can usually be found wearing a button-up shirt with a collage of ducks and dogs scattered on it. He also wears an ugly pair of forest-green khakis slacks. His facial features include enormous ears, large, pointy, and crooked nose, and a clean-shaven face.

Name: Ned
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Shoe Size: > 16
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body Type: Lanky
Location: School Classroom
Occupation: Academic Advisor/Counselor
Habits: 1. Thrusting the symbol "The Ned" high in the air. 2. Repeating the main subject of every sentence you say to him while engaged in coversation.
Example 1:
Kids: "Ned, we are thinking about jobbing out of 6th and 7th hour, now that football is over."
Ned: "Jaaawwbbin' out"

Example 2:
Kids: Ned, we are thinking about getting into some serious supersadomasochisticnecrobeastiality.
Ned: "Supersadomasochisticnecrobeastiality."
#lanky #ned #nerd #tall #big ears #nose #crooked #lame #jokes
by Wet Festus January 31, 2009
NEDS stands for New England Disease. This is a disease manifested by flabbiness, cellulite and pallid skin due to being stuck indoors and on the couch during the long winter months along the northern Atlantic seaboard. Women emerging in the first hot days of spring wearing shorts (and men) display the unfortunate and unsightly symptoms of NEDS. See also PNWD, (Pacific Northwest Disease).
Wow that girl's white flabby legs bespeak of a bad case of NEDS and whatnot.
#neds #flab #cellulite #cottage-cheese #pnwd
by mojocracker July 14, 2011
Acronym for Non Educated Delinquent. Usually boys age 12-20 that hang around in "teams" or gangs. Often get into trouble with the law, usually for underage drug use, drunkenness, gang fighting, or sometimes petty theft. NEDS often fight other teams of NEDS, using weapons such as knives, bats, crow bars, glass bottles, brass knuckles, really anything that will do damage that is inexpensive. These gang fights are fought on bridges, alleyways, or other paved areas. During most fights, a few members will be significantly injured, but most will walk away with bruises, black eyes, small cuts. Nowadays, NEDS usually wear sports clothes, such as track suits, trainers, sports caps turned to odd angles, and usually fake jewelry. Their fashion has changed greatly in the last couple of decades. During the 70's many NEDS wore leather/jean jackets/long coats, or usually a jacket that would provide some protection against stabbings, with a tucked in shirt underneath the jacket. They would often wear Doc Marten long boots, and denim jeans. NEDS have become more and more stupid in the way they act, dress and live over the years. NEDS are now the mockery of Glasgow, and Scottish cities. They are now also known to claim government welfare, and suck off of society. They used to just be groups of tough guys, that would fight each other. Now they contribute to many problems that Scotland faces today, including a cycle of dependency of government assistance, underage pregnancy, and poverty.
Why do NEDS wear fucking track suits now? -Guy 1
I don't fucking know, they look like a big bunch a cunts, and they won't last a minute against a fucking blade. -Guy 2
#chav #ned #scot #wanker #silly looking cunt #rif raff
by scotswin July 28, 2014
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