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A guy who comes between two people at completely inappropriate times.
"Dude, why'd you have to nate me and that hot girl?"
by lolonthekeyboard July 29, 2008
1. a fag, homosexual, queer, dick sucker.
2. a rager
3. Nonloving brother.
1. that dudes a Nate...
2. did he just rage? yea cause hes a nate..
3. One of your brothers get in a fight, your older brother watches and laughs.
by McDizzleDale July 26, 2009
a best friend, a person who will always be there, a person who you can trust with your life. The person you listen to above everyone else, the person who can make you smile on the worst day. A person you can love with all of your heart no matter what happens.
you: i hate you, go die.
nate: i love you too
by Vick. April 21, 2009
someone who arrives at a party hours before it begins.
Don't be such a nate, we're leaving at eleven.
by sarahmn August 25, 2007
When you have a boner that doesn't move the pants. You normally get away with it unless someone bumps into you or has the nerve to touch it. A wonderful feeling when you see that extremely hot horny girl who is a slut in your grade that you would total bone. Yea, that one in English class with the double d boobs that bites her pen while delibrately looking at your junk. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. She has wet panties anytime you look at her.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that girl in English today? Oh my god!!!

Person 2: Yea, she had her eyes on you all day.

Person 1: Thank god I only had a Nate. Otherwise, I would have been humiliated!

Person 2: Rofl, noob...
by DizzyThermal September 14, 2008
when you have to pee
"Can we pull over, I have to nate".
by rawbone July 30, 2006
Nate is a man that girls meet and fall in love with right away. After noticing how amazing Nates are, they instanltly want no other man. If girls cant get their Nate, they simply dont want anyone. They like to sing, and know how to make others happy more than anyone.
"Hey slut, wanna have sex?" "Sorry, I only want the Nate I lost"

"Why are you crying?" "He's being a Nate and doesent want me!"

"Come party with us!" "No, im to buzy sulking over my friend, hes a Nate."

"Nate made me abstinent."
by DeadLotus June 09, 2009