A universal noun. You can substitute the word "nate" to become any object.
Tap me that nate = Give me that thing
Buku nates = A large amount of things
Where are the nates at = Where are my friends at

by scottnate October 24, 2007
The person who crosses the line. He usually looks like a lost puppy, especially when he plays basketball. He's the one who you go to when you're sad, make fun of, & it makes you feel automatically better. He can't hit anything other than a volleyball, & he doesn't even do that well. He tries & fails to be perverted. He has a knack for craving brown rice & porridge. He intrudes at lunch tables where he's not wanted. He sucks at comebacks. He also sings.
My day sucked, until I saw Nate. & then it was all better!
by nateynate April 28, 2009
A guy who comes between two people at completely inappropriate times.
"Dude, why'd you have to nate me and that hot girl?"
by lolonthekeyboard July 29, 2008
1. a fag, homosexual, queer, dick sucker.
2. a rager
3. Nonloving brother.
1. that dudes a Nate...
2. did he just rage? yea cause hes a nate..
3. One of your brothers get in a fight, your older brother watches and laughs.
by McDizzleDale July 26, 2009
a best friend, a person who will always be there, a person who you can trust with your life. The person you listen to above everyone else, the person who can make you smile on the worst day. A person you can love with all of your heart no matter what happens.
you: i hate you, go die.
nate: i love you too
by Vick. April 21, 2009
someone who arrives at a party hours before it begins.
Don't be such a nate, we're leaving at eleven.
by sarahmn August 25, 2007
When you have a boner that doesn't move the pants. You normally get away with it unless someone bumps into you or has the nerve to touch it. A wonderful feeling when you see that extremely hot horny girl who is a slut in your grade that you would total bone. Yea, that one in English class with the double d boobs that bites her pen while delibrately looking at your junk. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. She has wet panties anytime you look at her.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that girl in English today? Oh my god!!!

Person 2: Yea, she had her eyes on you all day.

Person 1: Thank god I only had a Nate. Otherwise, I would have been humiliated!

Person 2: Rofl, noob...
by DizzyThermal September 14, 2008

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