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(v) 1. The act of taking pictures of yourself from various angles.
1. "Did you see all of Angela's nating pictures?"
2. "Why do you nate so much?" "So i can post all the pictures on facebook!"
by saipanman October 11, 2009
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Cumming in ones own mouth.
Tim said "oh darn I nated myself again and it was salty" I hate nating myself
by Ron ron November 08, 2014
Nating (also used as 'nating): Being indecisive, moping, stalling, waiting and not acting. Stalling and not acting on a decision even if the decision has already been made. Common condition for most men to be in at some point in life. The opposite of "giving it all" or "going all in" (see Maxxing).
Dude! Stop nating around and do it!

I can't believe he is still 'nating over that chick!
by Abram Washington Johnson April 23, 2010
Derived From "Marinating"
<AnthonyChevalier> LOL OMFG What are you doing?
<Licat> Nating.
<AnthonyChevalier>HAHA LOL NICE My jeep is good.
by Audio March 28, 2003

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