Awesome guy that knows how to make you feel better no matter what. Favored sport definately baseball. He is a total badass at the plate and on the mound. You just can't beat him.
Guy 1: Did he just throw a perfect game!?

Guy 2: Yep, 15 strikeouts too.

Guy 1: Holy shit he's good.

Guy 2: Total Nate on the mound.
by BaseballPlayer67354351 December 08, 2012
A status. Short for Native American. A 'greasy' or 'dirty' person. Someone who will do anything just to get high or drunk.
Damn nate picked my cigarette butt off the ground then asked me for a light!
You see that nate pouring beer into her pop bottle!?
by EmptyBowl April 22, 2011
When you have a planned event with another person with whom you don't want it "officially called a date. This is a "non-date", hence Nate
Jeremy: How was the date last night with your friend Tom?

Me: Tom is JUST a friend. It wasn't a date, it was a Nate!
by saturdaybusygirl November 20, 2010
co-worker that likes to touch people in multiple ways. Some known as squidgee, the zzzzzzzz!, and the uhhh-pssssh
nate will not stop touching me!
by chicken whacker February 15, 2010
1. some ones name
2. slang for prude or someone that is prude derrived from the name Natasha.
guy 1: god, she is sooo nate!
guy 2: ya i no rite? she almost barfs every time i say something sexual.
guy 1: yup pretty much.
by skimanloveshamandskiingatsquaw April 13, 2010
2five3. fucking bomb ass (but assless) guy! girls think hes gay including his girlfriend. cute but denies it. very sweet and caring but can be an ass at times. loya;, loving, caring, unforgetable. has a penis. a PENIS. four9five is impossible to insult. pretty mellow. all around cool dude who likes everyone as a friend. 3. 6. six. three ;)
-heyy nate!
-hey whats up?
-screw you! you stole my girlfried you fagwad.
-its ok man. ill help you find a new one.
by not tinkerbell January 02, 2010
The process of excreting fecal matter while at the same time recieving oral pleasure. The act of receiving a blow job and taking a dump on the toilet at the same time. Such acts are periodically performed under the influence of Alcohol.
Miles saw Brad on the shitter and, in his state of drunkneness, gave Brad a most excellent nate. It was only after the roommate walked in, did it come to his attention that he was also shitting.
by Karen666 March 03, 2010

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