The person who crosses the line. He usually looks like a lost puppy, especially when he plays basketball. He's the one who you go to when you're sad, make fun of, & it makes you feel automatically better. He can't hit anything other than a volleyball, & he doesn't even do that well. He tries & fails to be perverted. He has a knack for craving brown rice & porridge. He intrudes at lunch tables where he's not wanted. He sucks at comebacks. He also sings.
My day sucked, until I saw Nate. & then it was all better!
by nateynate April 28, 2009
The process of excreting fecal matter while at the same time recieving oral pleasure. The act of receiving a blow job and taking a dump on the toilet at the same time. Such acts are periodically performed under the influence of Alcohol.
Miles saw Brad on the shitter and, in his state of drunkneness, gave Brad a most excellent nate. It was only after the roommate walked in, did it come to his attention that he was also shitting.
by Karen666 March 03, 2010
Nate is best defined as an Alpha Man-Beast. Also know as The Manimal, females everywhere find this super man irresistable. Golden rays from Heaven emmit from a Nates pants as they are unzipped. Known for having the perfectly sized and curved, throbbing erection. A Nate will ,more often than not spank, bite, and pull hair while making sweet fuck to a wide-eyed and sometimes frightened female. These females often leave his lair not sure what has just occurred or if it was even legal, but they always leave........satisfied.
"I went Nate on that girl. Now she won't stop calling me."
by The Real Manimal February 07, 2010
A universal noun. You can substitute the word "nate" to become any object.
Tap me that nate = Give me that thing
Buku nates = A large amount of things
Where are the nates at = Where are my friends at

by scottnate October 24, 2007
A man who tend to only date women in order to cover up that hes a homosexual. A person who is a loser, fruity, and ridiculously gay. A faggot who moans like a women and gets an orgasm from being fucked in the ass.
I was keylogging Nate's computer and the word penis, gay, porn, orgies, man on man, masturbaiting men was typed over 10,000 times.
by March 23, 2010
A guy who comes between two people at completely inappropriate times.
"Dude, why'd you have to nate me and that hot girl?"
by lolonthekeyboard July 29, 2008
1. a fag, homosexual, queer, dick sucker.
2. a rager
3. Nonloving brother.
1. that dudes a Nate...
2. did he just rage? yea cause hes a nate..
3. One of your brothers get in a fight, your older brother watches and laughs.
by McDizzleDale July 26, 2009
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