A Chicago suburb. People here feel rich because they are surrounded by crappy towns like Aurora, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Warrenville and Lisle. Compared to other Chicago suburbs, they are considerably poorer than Oak Brook, Hinsdale, parts of Lake County, and the entire North Shore.
"Yeah, his dad is a dentist who leases a Lexus"

"Oh, he lives in Naperville?"
by Regicider July 10, 2009
Where the best schools, people, and friends are. They are NOT stuck up (most), but live life comfortabley. It is gorgeous and was settled in the early 1800s. It falls under the school districts 204 and 203, with really good high schools such as Neuqua. These high schools and middle school are better than most private schools. You can watch a movie, get a book, grab lunch, stop by the mall, go scrapbooking and grab some coffee all withint walking distance of your home. A great place to live with family. Aurora (neighboring town) is bigger, but not as great. Its Naperville's getto. Same with Plainfield. But the high school still does pot.
B- So, where do you live?
D- I live in Naperville IL.
B- Really? Lucky!

D- Yeah, I'm living the good life.
by shesadoll December 30, 2010
Naperville is a town in Illinois that thinks their shit doesn't stink. They reside some of the most stuck up and ungrateful people i have ever met. Their guys are complete DOUCHE BAGS and try to act gangster and their girls are filled with stds from being such WHORES
Shauna Kiersten is the biggest whore i have ever and WILL ever meet in my entire life. She looks like a retarded mouse and has the body of an 8 year old. what guy would wanna fuck an 8 year old? NASTY CUNT

by itelldathruthbiiitch November 22, 2009
a town that most people think is a stuckup place but we r really fortunate to live here and its a great time. sure theyve got the typical suburbanites, pressuring their kids to do well. but we also have great families and friends and fun block parties and great times together before u judge this place come on out and live here for 10 yrs like me (and also i no the boys here are smokin cuz i live here im in 7th grade)
"Naperville...land of the lemon bars"
by Napervillian Chick April 18, 2009
Movies and bowling are the only remotely fun things to do.

And NCHS smells bad.
A typical AIM conversation of a Napervillian.

Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 2: Yeah, me too.
Person 1: Aren't we always bored?
Person 2: Yeah, we live in Naper-Thrills.
by Chokey February 12, 2005
Neighboring town of Bolingbrook claiming to be a "city" in central Illinois. Full with preppy rich white kids that go to Bolingbrook to eat. Everyone in Bolingbrook hates the overachieving, award receiving residents.
"The football team's facing Naperville."
"We're gonna kick their racist asses!"
by Supraman352 December 02, 2006
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