An upper-middle class southwest suburb of Chicago, Il. Most adults living here make a median income of about $100,000 a year. Most adolescents spend much of their time busying around from activity to activity, with almost no free time. Most of their actual free time is complaining about how bad their life sucks, how boring Naperville is, how stressed they are, etc, etc. Most children are so hopped up on prozac that they do not know whats going on, but for the most part are generally happy. There is almost no retirement or senior community in Naperville, most seniors shut up in old people homes by their children.
Kid from South Side: "Damn, those kids from Naperville got it good, man"
Kid from Naperville: "Yo, I wish I finna be born in the South Side, Naperville aint finna handle my qhetto ass. Naperville is fuckin boring as hell"
by Splanky101 November 01, 2011
Not all are stuck-up or rich. Have great public schools and like to help people. Not much to do if you live in Naperville but a lot to do if you are visiting. Downtown has lots of good food and the festivals like ribfest and last fling are great.
by napervillian August 08, 2011
Primarily white rich town however there are black people in the town and yes some of them have a have a crap load of money. naperville does have million dollar+ housing but the normal houses and apartments out number them. they claim it is one of the best places on earth and if you live there you know otherwise. Also everyone looks so highly on Neuqua however Waubonsie Valley its sister school has rich kids too we arent all bums its because of the boundaries you get put in what school is closest to you.
you live in naperville but go to Waubonsie?
ya and I still have a shit ton of money!
by Your so OC February 24, 2010
A snobby asshole place in Illinois
Almost everyone their has lots of money, plays sports, and is a complete asshole
I would not recommend living their if you don't like popular people, or just don't fit in in general, because standards for popularity are very slim there.
Basically, guys need to listen to rap, play football, and act like sexist douchebags to fit in, and girls need to have big butts, big boobs, go to Starbucks every damn day, spend 5 hours on their hair and makeup, and twerk to fit in.
X:Oh my god, that new guy is such a dick! He always acts like he has a stick up his ass and he's so sexist!
Y:I heard he moved in from Naperville, that's probably why.
X:Yeah, that must be it.
by Spooky Aradia is in your vag November 14, 2014
A chicago suburb (distant suburb) which likes to believe that they are rich. That is until they head East, at which time they know to keep their mouths shut because we all know.

Naperville is a town where a big house is surrounded on the other side of the street by farms. Generally, people from Naperville are under the illusion that its the "OC" of the Chicago suburbs. Hardly, let me tell you.

True. Naperville does have some good dining. It is a nice town. But, lets be real.
I live in Naperville. Its like being a big fish in a small pond.

I know NEVER to compare myself to someone who lives on the North Shore, Hinsdale, or Burr Ridge, because they know better.

OMG you live in Naperville. So you must live in one of the houses with a brick front, but siding on the other three sides! Soooo Wannabee.
by therealist348823 November 18, 2009
A Chicago suburb. People here feel rich because they are surrounded by crappy towns like Aurora, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Warrenville and Lisle. Compared to other Chicago suburbs, they are considerably poorer than Oak Brook, Hinsdale, parts of Lake County, and the entire North Shore.
"Yeah, his dad is a dentist who leases a Lexus"

"Oh, he lives in Naperville?"
by Regicider July 10, 2009
Where the best schools, people, and friends are. They are NOT stuck up (most), but live life comfortabley. It is gorgeous and was settled in the early 1800s. It falls under the school districts 204 and 203, with really good high schools such as Neuqua. These high schools and middle school are better than most private schools. You can watch a movie, get a book, grab lunch, stop by the mall, go scrapbooking and grab some coffee all withint walking distance of your home. A great place to live with family. Aurora (neighboring town) is bigger, but not as great. Its Naperville's getto. Same with Plainfield. But the high school still does pot.
B- So, where do you live?
D- I live in Naperville IL.
B- Really? Lucky!

D- Yeah, I'm living the good life.
by shesadoll December 30, 2010

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