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The only city in the entire world where cops outnumber the teenagers.
"Naperville has 5.3 cops per teenager"
by Cullum November 17, 2005
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A New Money suburb located 30 minutes west of Chicago. Naperville is mostly middle to upper middle class. Naperville's recent notoriety has given it's residents a false sense of affluence. not all Napervillians suffer from affluenza (a terrible disease where you believe that you're superior to those around you) in fact, some are devout Christians who spend their free time doing charity work... This town also has a large variety of activities for people of all ages including Rib Fest and Last fling. the main high school is Naperville central. ranked among the top 3 high schools in Illinois. the school is going under a $84 million renovation as of 2009. The majority of Naperville's resident have a certain level of self respect. while it isn't uncommon to find an 8th grader in DTN where no more than a swim suit top and booty shorts. Naperville has the second lowest crime rate in the Midwest 334 bars nearly 5,000 restaurants within 10 miles 4 golf courses 6 country clubs a beach an average bmi of 24(thin) Naperville is extremely diverse and secure. if you feel like being around well mannered considerate people come to NAPERVILLE
Girl #1:" so where are you from?"
Girl #2:"oh, im from Naperville"
Girl #1:" ew you mean that tacky town where the houses have brick fronts and panel siding?"
Girl #2:" That was really rude of you. didn't your parents teach you any better?"
Girl #1:" no, i'm from Winnetka"
Girl #1:"oh, that explains a lot"
by WERTHEBESTNUR2 July 15, 2010
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A city known to have an income range slightly less than Beverly Hills but a hell of a lot greater than most the world. While it has an upper class reputation, and not undeservingly, there is a "ghetto" within the city limits. The Naperville Ghetto is a series of apartment buildings that, at last count, contains 100% of the black population of the city.
People live in Naperville!
by Nowhathua! August 07, 2005
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Centenial Beach
Controlled substances

Naperville: Where even the "gangstaz" famliles have a higher average income than the entire city of Detroit.
"Meng, I got off dat bus today, an' some honkey tole' me dat mah shoes was 'so last year'!"

"Fo-shizzle, bra? Dem shoes be 1975 Palmiotti's, Leather Edition!"


"Dayum, it be hard to be a gangsta 'round Naperville meng."

by Lololzorz October 22, 2006
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Suburb of Chicago, this large town is known for having some very stuck up kids. Rich white kids running around and spending their parents money. Kids from Naperville will be very sucesful in life, and very rich. Also known for their excellent public schools, and many times named the best place to raise you child.
"your from Naperville? Your rich, right? "
by Janet February 16, 2005
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A rich, primarily white town, with not much to do. Once reported after you do everything there is to do in Naperville once, there is nothing to do. The public schools are superior to the private ones, and music programs in the public schools are amongst the best in the nation.
Neuqua Valley----> Won the Grammy award for #1 music school in the country.

Frequently asked questions from other schools:

" So do you go to Neuqua?"
" Yeah why?"
" Are you rich?"
by Stephens June 21, 2005
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A very well off, rich, top suburb of Chicago. Every car on the road is nice unless there's a "INSERT TOWN High School" bumpersticker on the back. Downtown Naperville has amazing restaurants and local shops that attract people from vast places. Top public schools in the nation, and constantly in the Top 5 of Money Magazine's "Best Places to Raise Your Kids". Called the Laguna Beach of the Midwest.
Guy 1: Where are you moving to?
Guy 2: Naperville
Guy 3: DAMN! Someone got a boNUS!
by Beratera March 29, 2009
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