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a derogatory term used to describe homosexuals, common in northern europe (especially norway). see: fag
naken is such a fag
by January 18, 2004
Is a new form of nakedness...Its where you strip ur body of the make it ultra naked. Then apply a hat to the head, and some shiny gloves..

This word was discovered by a grim stalker, that roams the streets naken looking for helpless squirrels.
Wow theres Mr pervy-son...I like his hat, I hope that squirrel escapes from his evil naken self..
#naked #squirrels #hat #stalker freak #squirrel stalker
by NakenSmithCK February 09, 2011
Gateway to the lions' den.
After stepping into naken, I was promptly eaten.
by matt September 06, 2004
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