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to land a sweet trick.
You should have seen me nail that 360.
by terrorist March 05, 2005
131 86
cigarette, abbreviation of "Coffin Nail"
i.e. with every one that you smoke, you drive another nail into your own coffin
by herschel August 31, 2006
90 71
A syringe as in illicit drug use.
Yo Sid, got your nail man, lets get high.
by smurfsnork2k September 12, 2006
78 67
A real tough guy. Someone who schools 10 guys in a fist fight and strolls away untouched.
Jordan though he was properly nails 'till he got banged up, then he walked with a limp.
by Buddhism July 01, 2009
38 28
a nail is a object that has a flat head and pointy body. it is used for construction and with the club
that nail just got stuck in my hand...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lucas Strader July 11, 2005
55 49
A cigarette
" giz a fuckin nail der fella "
by nailmaster September 30, 2008
17 16
Really disgusting or hugely irritating to point of being equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Often used by drag queens to describe a really heinous performance or by women and gay men dishing out shade against another for being gross looking, sexually unappealing, or otherwise unsettling in appearance or nature.
Eww...that bitch's voice is so nails. I just want to pull her tracks out and stuff her mouth with a toilet wand.
by A. Chav December 05, 2013
0 1