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A term which can be referred to as the cheesy substance caused from sweating of the gland. More common with people who have a foreskin or skanky dirty bastards that don't wash.
"I went to take a piss the other day and because I hadn't washed in a while my dick smelt cheesy."
by Doc December 12, 2002
niggah; friend etc
Background: Originated as a resulted a random telephone call recording of inmates by prisons. Nonsnesical addition of -izzle to make any recorded statements unusable in court, because the words don't actually exist. Popularized by Snoop-Dog
Example: Sho I kizzled that bizzle...you know yo nizzle did dat shizzle.
"Sure I killed that bitch..."
by doc May 28, 2004
He's a much better actor than rapper. He was an okay rapper but definitely not the greatest. No where near the greatest. I'd buy one of his cd's for my kid or my kid brother or sister or i'd use it as a dust pan, but i'd be first in line to see one of his movies.
He's basically just decent
Not good not bad
by Doc February 28, 2004
not a useless abbreviation for World Wide Web as WWW is faster to type than World Wide Web.
1 www.fuck.com

2 Worldwideweb.fuck.com

Which would you choose?
by doc February 20, 2004
Briefly: A war in which aproximately 12 million allied soldiers and 33 million civilians lost their lives defending the freedoms many now take for granted.
Had the Allies not defeated the Axis powers in World War II there would be no urban dictionary.
by doc June 10, 2004
He can't rap to save his life but love him or hate him you gotta give it to him that's one smart ass brotha and he has millions to prove it. Big clothing companies, big record label, big restaraunts, big tv shows, and he brought you B.I.G. Is his flow tight? Hell naw. Is his pockets deep? Hell yeah. He's a marketing genius.
I want to rap like 2Pac but have money like Diddy. Plus he got with J-Lo, but that doesn't seem hard to do.
by Doc February 28, 2004
A person of african persuasion. AKA Nigger, Spade, Porch Monkey, the list goes on. In reagards to the nast hair they all have, which resembles a head full of Burrs.
Fucking Burr Heads are always panhandling out here.
by Doc October 14, 2004
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