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Idiot from a hill in Lusk. May beat things with a club and drag them back to his cave. Grunts and smells like castrol R.
Lotharrr of the hill folk!!!
by Lotharrr November 27, 2007
A Mong is 6 foot odd of genuine idiot. He will ride a motorbike and drink beer. Usually named Dave, he is quick to temper yet normally wont do anything about it as he does not want to stand up because he has soiled himself. He will make outragous statments like "I invented the full stop" and accuse rocks of slagging him behind his back. Legend has it that Mong once smoked so much dope that he tripped out and thought he was a carpet salesman from ashbourne. He has little time for women and will not engage them in conversation unless they are offering sexual services for a decent price. He has a few friend's of his own choosing, usually made up of parinod, rapist hillfolk and slow dim-witted friends of his geeky brother.

Mong ya prick!! ya ate all the fuckin cake.......

Mong is that smell your ass?
by Lotharrr November 27, 2007
this is a slang word meaning "bad" or "Shite" It was first used in Longford in Ireland.
"Ah this football match is nails........"

by Lotharrr November 27, 2007

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