An incorrect spelling of the word knackered. When refering to a person, being knackered is to be more exhausted than just being 'tired', but not as much as being 'fucked'. Refering to an object, it could be damaged, or broken.
1. "After kicking puppies up a steep hill for the last 3 hours, I'm really knackered!", said Billy.

2. "I'll have to wash my clothes round at your house, Billy knackered our machine by putting puppies in it again.", said Rita.
by MasterNameless May 11, 2009
Top Definition
British for being fucking tired as hell.
Shit man, I'm fucking nackered
by bob July 31, 2003
Worn out, used up.
These brake pads are really nackered.
by charles pervo November 26, 2003
a british term for calling oneself tired, exhausted, ect.
fucking fat chicks leaves me totally nackered mate
by Anonymous// February 17, 2010
Technical term meaning malfunctioning, broken, damaged or badly made device.
Used in engineering and other professions the IT and mechanical areas.
This computers nackered, it keeps deleting all my files.
by shock October 31, 2003
Specifically, being totally worn out after having sex.
Sorry, I won't be coming into work today... I'm totally nackered!!
by Jelili Neve January 26, 2006
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