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good half
by shock March 23, 2003
"afirmative" - a phrase in the game counter-strike
Rh0x (DEAD): man that LyNx kid is a faggot
Sh0cK(DEAD): c1
by shock March 23, 2003
Another word for penis. The male sex organ.
Nice pewnis you have!
by Shock November 29, 2003
confusion during an orgasm ending up in a unexplained smile.
shocked by last night's mega glog, kiddle sat alone under the kitchen sink and thought about his emotional attachment to that cat.
by shock November 24, 2004
Technical term meaning malfunctioning, broken, damaged or badly made device.
Used in engineering and other professions the IT and mechanical areas.
This computers nackered, it keeps deleting all my files.
by shock October 31, 2003

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