Someone who lacks the ability to do something; a new comer. Usually used in video/computer games...I use it to mean anyone new at something, especially doing drugs/smoking.
Those n00bs couldn't smoke weed for shit! They suck in, and let it out without breathing it in. Next time, let's give them oregano instead.
by madi.hates.n00bs January 30, 2010
somebody who knows less about the subject at hand than you do.
he's still watching season 2 of the big bang theory. what a n00b.

she doesn't know anything about warcraft. this n00b is gonna get pwned.
by madguy000 December 08, 2009
A word used by losers. Really sad when applied.
"I love the word n00b," said the 35-year-old Halo enthusiast, peeling an old Snickers bar off his stomach.
by ididitallfortheloiriii8 June 28, 2009
Someone that is new at a game, or anything on the internet. Usually this term is used by losers whose lives revolve around video games...
PERSON WITH A LIFE: yea, i'm on level 3.
GAMER: haha l0lz ur such a n00b u l0s3rr. LOL. i'M 56 l3v3ls ab0ve u!!!!
by hannahthepossum June 13, 2008
someone who has been playing a console for ages and still gets beat by people who have never played it before.
they think were usin hax0r but were not they r just TEH N00BS
by Hanahrr December 29, 2007
sometone that does anything Oliver Nieman does and will do
you are a n00b for doing that.
by Jim Blow December 03, 2007
Considered in gaming terms to be a 'newbie' to a game. However there is a difference to a n00b and newb.

A n00b usually thinks they know everything and can't type.

A newbie is a newbie player who seems normal/intelligent.
Newb : Wow i really like this game i might continue playing.

n00b : OMFG dis game sux i not playing dis shit no more
by jOeFiSh- May 05, 2007
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